Rename All

Rename All 1.1

You can rename all your files within a directory or select files from multiple directory and then re
1.1 (See all)

The features includes
1. Replace a specific string
2. Change case( Title, Lower, Upper)
3. Remove ( Digits, Alphabets, Space)
4. Truncate data before or/and after a specific string
5. Add prefix or postfix to file names.
6. Add incremental numbering (prefix or postfix) eg. image001,image002 etc

7. Preview whether the renaming which you are going to do will be successful or will fail
8. View status of files after renaming is done

9. Undo the last renamed files
10. Undo from log file. ( The application creates a log file when you rename so that at any later point of time you can undo the changes made)

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